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to Oct 28


Sirens is a conference about voice: the voice of our attendees, how those voices come together to create conversations, and how those conversations coalesce into a community. Sirens is crafted as a warm, dynamic space for those voices—and those conversations and that community—to be heard. As we approach our tenth year of Sirens, we find that topics related to women in fantasy literature are as limitless as ever, and that our community’s discussion, analysis, and debate of those topics are equally limitless.

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to Oct 24

Sirens Studio Reading Intensive

Diversity on Fire: Developing a More Informed Diversity Framework
s.e. smith
Conversations about diversity often feel limited to one thing: Who’s on the page. As readers, we know better than to rely on a simplistic checklist approach for diversity—instead, we should explore this issue through a rubric that explores both diversity and inclusion. Who are these characters as people? What are they doing? Who wrote them? Who was involved in the process of acquiring, editing, and producing the book that lies in your hands? We’ll discuss the shortcomings of current approaches to diversity, whether there’s a better way to have this conversation, and how we can borrow the “fire triangle” to talk about diversity and inclusion. Come prepared to dissect (and possibly learn uncomfortable things about) one or more of your favorite books. 

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